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Blueberry Mountain Childcare

"Where growing in God's love and learning is fun!"

Licensed Catholic-Christian Family Childcare
CPR, Water Safety and First Aid Certified

Taking registrations for: FALL 2023-24

Hours 7 am - 4 pm

Monday through Thursday
(call with questions: 603-863-7657)

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All Christian denominations are welcome,
as well as anyone who would like (or is open to) a Catholic - Christian formation for your child!

Equipped for infants, toddlers and needed care such as potty training, etc.

  • Blueberry Mt. CC is a home away from home for your child.
  • Your child is showered with love, care, safety and security.
  • Your child will be growing in a well rounded Catholic -Christian home atmosphere.
  • Prayers and Christian-Catholic teaching geared to each age level
  • Instructional books, (VHS and DVD's or instructional PBS for children on occasion) to help
  • Lots of music with teaching, instruction and fun with instruments, and dance.
  • Indoor and outdoor exercise and activities to help them grow and train their gross motor skills.
  • Nature exploration, hikes, visits to local farms.
  • Field trips to local Playgrounds
  • Playground and nature walks at Blueberry Mt. CC
  • Learning of indoor and outdoor skills like, cooking, baking, gardening etc.
  • Everyday learning experiences.
  • Growing and learning in Christian values
  • Learning respect for self, others, property, nature and especially God.
  • Learning to pick up after themselves and help with daily chores associated with their age and growth.
  • Art, craft and coloring activities to develop their fine motor skills.
  • Occasional swimming or visits to the beach.
  • *** All Swimming and field trips are only with signed permission of Parent(s) or Guardian.
  • Blueberry Mt. CC works with parents and encourage participation in events, outings etc when desired.
  • Blueberry Mt. CC consults with parents on how best to care for, feed, educate and guide
    your child (children)
  • All Christians are welcome as well other religious denominations who would like (or are open to) a Catholic-Christian
    formation for your child.